2012: Where We’ve Come, Where We Are Going

Action Against Abuse was founded in 2008, by a few everyday people brought together in shared grief over the death of Baby Peter Connelly. We were dismayed and shocked at the state of the Child Protection System in the UK and at the pathetic ‘justice’ offered to victims of child abuse, and their families. How can a child be failed so terribly, time and time again?

We wanted to change these things , and we joined with various other communities to raise awareness and encourage people to take various actions to combat abuse in their own communities.

A few years later, and the foray surrounding Peters death has gone, the general public has forgotten, but very little has changed.

1-4 children still die in their own homes as a result of abuse or neglect in the UK. Most of those children are still unknown to Social Services. Sentences for child abusers are still entirely inadequate. World learders are still indifferent to the suffering of children.

But more people are aware of the problem, more people than ever before are adding there voice to the minority, more people are standing up for children. People like us, people like you :) It matters, it makes a difference, and it can only get bigger, louder. Until it is deafening. Then, only then, things will change.

The focus and purpose of this group has evolved over the years. I’ve been thinking about how it can be used for optimum effect now. The ultimate ethos is still the same: the individual matters, and what YOU do makes a difference, because united, we are strong.hers in communities like it all over the internet, and in charities and volunteer organisations, not to mention individuals working hard for a better world. There is so much to be positive about.

We will endevour to bring you:

  1. Information! Knowlege IS  power! We try to bring you as much information we can to empower you to take action. Information on charities, groups, volunteer organisations, law, justice, child abuse types/signs/symptoms, petitions, protests etc etc. We will make our own petitions when neccesary, and also provide template letters for raising issues with political figures when needed.
  2. We will keep you up to date on global current affairs and news items that are relevent to children and child abuse.
  3. We will provide a platform to share ideas on activism, promoting change and protecting children in your community, and globally.
  4. We will try to provide easy-to-follow documents that outline complicated legal and social process relevant to child abuse. The more understanding we have, the better equipt we are to demand the neccesary change.

Its hard, sat here infront of a keybord and a screen, to convey any real feeling that doesn’t seem fake or insincere. I really wish i could individually thank every person who has signed a petition, sent the master letter to their MP, been to a protest, shared a link, donated to a charity or done anything else with us over the last 4 years. These things made a difference to children who need it, and they continue to do so.

Everything you do to change this world for children for the better contributes to a steady and global awakening. With each new individual that realises that there IS a problem, and things MUST change, the movement becomes bigger, stronger, faster, more capable of achieving real and lasting change.

No child to live in fear, no child to feel lost and hungry, unloved and cold. Every child to be cared for, sheltered, nurtured, protected. No child excluded.

For these reasons, i thank you all so much for all your help and support. Long may it continue! :)

Always, in loving memory of Baby Peter Connelly. Never forgotten.

Peters story

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