UK – Childcare Commission Launched

UK – Childcare Commission Launched

The government are trying to ease the financial burden on families in the UK. I think the intentions behind this idea are good, but i am undecided as to its benefits. Proposals include extending the school day for some until 8pm and relaxing bureaucratic restraints on child care workers. That day seems long to me (when will they see their parents?) and even though i recognize the need for less time to be spent on paperwork etc, i hope that safety will not be compromised.

What do you think?


  1. The suggestions to remove the current requirements regarding ratio’s concerns me as this could lead to some childcare providers providing a cheaper (with less staff) service but will it be of the same quality?

    1. I agree. It seems like cutting corners, which is something that should never be done when the well being of children is at stake.

  2. We’ll have to watch this space I guess although it does seem at odds with some of the key recommendations in the nutbrown review.

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