On Topic This Week: Child Sex Exploitation UK

Every week I will bring you a featured topic‘. This could be anything related to child abuse issues.

This weeks featured topic is ‘Child Sex Gangs UK’, chosen for 3 main reasons:

  1. It is a subject that is often avoided because people find it distasteful or difficult to talk about (the worst thing that could happen – the first step is  recognising the problem and opening a dialogue). Some people even deny it is happening in sheer disbelief, and this is even more concerning.
  2. It is a very dangerous and damaging form of abuse and it is difficult to identify/find/rescue victims.
  3. It is a form of organised crime, making it even harder to tackle; these people know what they are doing, they have resources, information and contacts that enable their acts.
I will post a related (archive/current) article or story every day, an ‘On-Topic’ Case Study and a summary Point Of View toward the end of next week, which will hopefully bring together some of the points raised.

The issue of child sex exploitation has been the subject of high media attention recently, following the prosecution of Shabir Ahmed, 59, who led a child sex exploitation ring of nine men and targeted vulnerable young girls in Rochdale. Last month, he was found guilty on 30 seperate rape charges.

The ‘On-Topic’ case this week is that of Laura Wilson, who was groomed from the age of 11 by sex gangs and murdered aged 17 after revealing the abuse  in Rotherham in October 2010. I will outline her story in as much detail as i can in a post this weekend.

I appreciate any thoughts and suggestions you might have :)

You can find information from the  on:

A definition of child sexual exploitation

Identifying sexually exploited children and young people

Guidance on child sexual exploitation

Practice on preventing child sexual exploitation

Research on child sexual exploitation

We thank you for your continued support :)


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