Baby Peter Connelly (Baby P) <3

Peter <3 – Never Forgotten 

Beautiful Baby Peter Connelly was born on Wednesday 1 March 2006, a healthy 7lb 1oz.

17 months later on Friday 3 August 2007, having suffered months of horrific physical and emotional abuse and neglect at the hands of his mother, Tracey Connelly nee Cox, her boyfriend Stephen Barker and his brother Jason Owen, previously Barker, Peter was dead.

The high level of involvement with Peter’s family from external agencies including social services, police and health professionals makes his story all the more distressing. In the months leading up to his death, Peter was visited over 60 times by representatives from various child protection agencies. Despite many individuals within these agencies identifying Peter as being at risk and suffering from non-accidental injuries, nobody took action to permanently remove him from danger and place him in a safe environment.

His story demonstrates acute, fundamental flaws within the child protection system (which can be seen to have happened previously, over and over again, all around the country), and the inability of the judicial system to truly punish those guilty of inflicting incomprehensible suffering and death on innocent and defenseless children.

Action Against Abuse is dedicated to his memory. Sweet dreams Little Big Man xxx

Click —> Peters Life


  1. I am truly disgusted and horrifyed with this story of an innocent baby boy! WHAT is wrong with the usa child protective sytsem doing nothing? A disgrace something needs to be done.

  2. I have been crying my eyes out because of this story. I have a baby boy who Is the same age as Baby P was, and I feel huge sorrow over this. I want to send soft kisses to this little angel in heaven.

  3. je suis si triste de voir l’histoire de baby p dans les faits divers juste te dire je t’aîme bébé, j’ voudrais tellement faire la rencontre de ton papa afin qu-il me parle savoir si il a enfin trouver la paix si ont pouvez lui transmettre ma boîte mail au papa j’aimerais bien correspondre avec lui

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