Juliette Serenity Geurts <3

Juliette, Never Forgotten

This is the story of Juliette Serenity Geurts, who was 2 years old when she was killed by trauma caused by blows to the head.

It has been 4 years since her death and still no arrests, despite her mother, her mothers boyfriend and their friend all being in the house at the time these injuries were inflicted, and all failing lie detector tests.

You can help the family fight for Justice for Juliette here.

This is Juliette’s story, as told by her paternal aunt, Monica.

In the spring of 2010 our family was finally able to obtain the autopsy report. The autopsy confirmed that Juliette’s death was a homicide from multiple blunt force trauma to the abdomen & head. Which included a lacerated liver and head trauma. She had other injuries, but the 4 inch laceration to her liver caused her death per Mr. Weimer former DA in September 2008.

Juliette and Jaelyn’s Father was attending Army bootcamp at the time of Juliette’s murder. Jaelyn is currently in permanent custody of her Father and Paternal Grandparents. Her daddy recently returned from his 3rd tour of duty overseas…..

On July 10th, 2008 Juliette spent the day at Oregan Trail Days, a local annual festivity with her twin Sister Jaelyn, their Mother, her boyfriend, and her other roommate and ex. boyfriend. They didn’t arrive home reportedly until between 11:00 and midnight after stopping for more liquor at the store.

At 3 a.m. on July 11th, 2008 mommy and her boyfriend took Juliette to the Emergency Room and reported they had witnessed a seizure and that she was running a fever. The hospital reports there was no sign of any head injury initially, that Juliette was responding normally, and after examination was sent home with instructions to be monitored closely and to follow up with her primary doctor. Juliette was released around 4 a.m. Upon returning home mommy claims she put Juliette to bed, and took a sleeping pill around 5a.m. … Yes Sleeping Pill!!!! When she claimed she had to be at work at 8:00am that morning and who was going to take care of sick little Juliette with her seizures and fever and Jaelyn her twin when she woke up?????

Upon waking up over 7 hours later around 11:30a.m. mommy claims that she found Juliette not breathing in her crib. The details get sketchy from here. What we do know is they went to the neighbor’s home where the neighbor called 911. Why they didn’t use their cell phones, we don’t know. Mommy did call her brother who arrived around the same time as the authorities. Mommy claims she can’t talk about the case because a police officer instructed her not too even though she has not been arrested. Isn’t that interesting. Really!!

We have heard for over 3 years from the Scottsbluff District Attorney’s Office that they are working the case and that justice will be done. First, from Mr. Weimer DA, who is now a Judge and then from Ms Wasserberger former DA and now the new DA Mr. Warner who was from the Attorney General’s Office and has been assigned this case for well over 3 years and is the now the Scottsbluff DA for the 3rd time. He too preaches the same rhetoric. They have told our family very little for over 3 years. They have not interviewed or re interviewed folks who came forward with more information. If mistakes were made in the initial investigation, then why would the DA not interview & re interview folks involved with these three adults around the time of Juliette’s murder?

We have been told that the problem with this case is that since no one is talking this case will be too hard to convict. No confessions. REALLY! Because they don’t have specific proof as to which adult actually beat Juliette to death they are unable to charge anyone. There are felony neglect /abuse charges that would apply to this case here. Drugs were found in the home and none of the adults in the home were ever charged with drug possession which could have pressured the adults in the home without interfering with murder charges down the road. Why didn’t the police take all three adults into custody for a 72hr hold to pressure them? So many issues with how this case was handled.

It has also come to our attention that proper protocol was not followed by the responding officers and investigators in this case. We couldn’t understand why this case hasn’t been prosecuted… well now we may know why! Once Juliette’s broken little body was removed from the home, the responding officers left the scene without securing it. These officers did not seal off the house until 5 days after Juliette’s death. During this time people were coming and going at will. Also, none of the adults that were in the house were officially interviewed until days after Juliette’s death resulting in time for them to create a cover. Also, all 3 adults failed their lie detector tests and still nothing has been done in this case.

This 720sq ft house had mommy, her two year old twin girls, two adult men & a 15 yo runaway living in it just weeks before Juliette’s murder. There was abuse and neglect occurring in that home and the police have done nothing in this case.

Two weeks prior to Juliette’s murder she was taken to the emergency room for stitches to her head at 10:00 p.m. & there are different stories of how that head injury happened.

Less than a month before Juliette’s murder mommy & her boyfriend were involved in an assault on a man with a baseball bat where her boyfriend eventually went to prison for this crime and the man he beat with the baseball bat eventually murdered another man. These were the types of individuals that mommy had her two year old twin’s exposed to. If the police had arrested them when the assault occurred then maybe DFS would have gotten involved to protect my nieces before Juliette could have been beaten to death less than a month later. So many issues with this whole case.

This case was botched from the beginning and then covered up! It is time that someone answers for their mistakes and stands up for the life of this precious little girl!

This tragedy was never anything our family expected. At the time this occurred my parents had moved from Gering, Nebraska back to Green Bay WI for 3 years. Mommy decided she wanted to be single again after only a year of marriage & daddy had no where to go but back home to his family in Wisconsin without the girls because mommy wasn’t going to let the father have them. Daddy then decided to enlist in the Army. He has 7 brothers and sisters besides many other extended family members but unfortunately we all live in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Ohio. There was none of the daddy’s family living in Nebraska to see what was happening to his little girls.

Both too young to protect themselves or fight back if needed. Juliette was taken to the hospital for a supposed seizure and fever and then sent home only to be found dead eight hours later. The mother claimed to take a sleeping pill and never checked on her child after arriving home from the ER. The autopsy revealed that the little girl suffered a horrible beating and died from multiple blunt force trauma to the abdomen and head. It states that her death was a HOMICIDE! There were only three adults in the house with these young twin girls. One of those three adults is responsible for this little girl’s death and the other two are covering up for that person. I do not understand how this case has been swept under the rug for nearly 4 full years. While the mother and her two male friends no longer live and Nebraska and are free to live their lives as if nothing ever happened. Juliette did not get a second chance, why do these 3 people? There are so many unanswered questions for us as citizens and for her family. Please help find justice for Juliette and Jaelyn.

This little girl deserves that. Ask more questions! Investigate further and find the truth! Think about poor little Juliette, two years old, crying while someone took her precious life away from her. Juliette cannot speak for herself in this case, that is why it is important for us to be her voice now.

As Albert Einstein said; “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who stand by and do nothing about it.” You have the power to do something in this case! Please do not let this case slip through the cracks. It is in your hands now to do the right thing and make sure the person or persons responsible for taking Juliette from this world & the family who loved her pay for what they have done.
Seclusion & Isolation….It is OVER 417+ MILES from GERING/SCOTTSBLUFF NEBRASKA to the capitol of LINCOLN NEBRASKA. FOX 42 NEWS out of Omaha NE coverage area for broadcasting does not even reach these 2 communities with its nightly news broadcasts because they are out of their broadcast area……..People need to look at the State map of Nebraska to see why Juliette has not seen Justice for her murder……..It is a fact that Gering & Scottsbluff NE are closer to Denver Colorado, Cheyenne Wyoming, and Rapid City South Dakota than it is to its own State Capitol of Lincoln NE. Other than last years miss America Teresa Scanlan being from Gering NE & the beautiful bluffs, there is nothing there. A community too Secluded and isolated to allow for the appropriate over site of local government officials to break decades of local authorities running things their own way. Family & friends working together for decades. Even the local TV network KDUH KOTA now news Director is the Brother in Law to the current DA & controls what is reported in the news. They refuse outside help and the expertise required in a homicide cases like Juliette’s. So how do the local citizens fight back against a broken justice system & who will protect them when they fight back to buck the system & when the media leaves town?

Juliette’s autopsy & death certificate says, “Homicide” d/t “Multiple blunt force trauma to the abdomen & head.” No accident it was clearly a HOMICIDE! 3 adults living in a 720sq ft house when these injuries occurred & all 3 adults failed their lie detector tests now going on 4 yrs later & still NO ARRESTS…..

~♥ Juliette’s aunt Monica ♥~

EDITORS NOTE: on 11/7/12, because of the dedication and tireless campaigning by Monica and supporters, a petition for a Grand Jury to re-asses Juliettes case was granted! Juliette will see a grand jury! We will keep you updated – JUSTICE FOR JULIETTE – A.A.A


  1. frances dunnigan · · Reply

    so scarey our system brings back bad memory for me.I was raped by my own brother who served 28 years in prison for sodomy on two young girls and other vigilant crimes .They found his DNA on my breast and the basement floor where he raped me.They never called in any one or me who could truly help me .he served one year hes out now why to hurt or rape some one else it dont make sense

  2. frances dunnigan · · Reply

    I hope they get justice for this little girl Life can be so un fair Im sorry if it were one of there family members you can bet justice would be served I have learned so much of out justice system the hard way.The DA the police there all so corrupt its not funny.There are people i once respected Our courts all money making They are so cold they dont know what justice really is un till one of there family emembers are raped or murded than itts a total diffrent story

  3. THis is an outrage. THey should have arrested all 3 of them and held them for questioning for 72 hours:one of them would have caved and released the name of the person who killed this innocent child . Her precious life was snuffed out while the killer is free..

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