Team Kilah!

At the Davenport family’s request, below is an explanation of Kilah’s Law so you can fully understand it:

“Kiliahs Law” ( for child abusers) will raise the sentencing guidelines for any one who causes permanent debilitating physical injury to a child. Under current law the sentence is classified as a class C Felony meaning a light sentence of 44 months to a maximum of 92 months in prison. The current punishment doesn’t even come close to fit the crime. Anyone who could do this amount of harm to a child should be removed from society for 25 years.It’s only by the Grace Of GOD This beautiful 3 year old child is still alive.”

As part of Kilah’s Law, they hope to have it classified to a higher Felony classification with a mandatory 25 yrs to life in prison.

Everyone is encouraged sign the petition at

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