UK: For The First Time Ever, YOU Can Elect Your Local Police Chief Commissioner

The police have a huge job on their hands: keeping the public safe, catching criminals and smashing organised crime rings. If you could influence all the many priorities the police have, how would you juggle them? This is something that police and crime commissioners are going to have to do, as well as considering what the public want and how the police and other services support victims of crime.

ACTION ALERT UK! If child protection is important to you, and you would like more to be done to protect children in YOUR COMMUNITY, don’t waste this opportunity to be heard! Children do not get to vote…they need you to speak for them!

For the first time ever, you will be able to vote for your local police and crime commissioner. This is a new role and the job of the police and crime commissioner will be to oversee the police and ensure they focus on what matters to you.

Elections for Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) will be taking place across England (except London) and Wales on 15 November 2012.

You can vote for the candidate that you feel will prioritise issues that are important to you…issues like child protection! To vote at this election, you must be registered on the electoral roll by Wednesday 31 October. To register to vote, go to

Details of your local police and crime commissioner candidates will be available online from 26th October. Visit to find out who is standing in your area and who will ensure the police focus on the crimes that matter most to you.

Get involved! Ask your candidates what they will do to improve child protection in your area.

You can find information about your candidates how to vote here:

Go to to find out more

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