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USA Family Courts: There Must Be A Better Way?

  This 2 part article is long, but if you live in the USA and you care about children, especially if you have them, you should read it, and pass it to your friends. What if it was your child? One day, God forbid, it could be. A system that is at worst corrupt and […]

Do you live in Blackpool, Birmingham, Herefordshire, Cambridgeshire, Doncaster, Rochdale, Isle of Wight or Calderdale?

UK Residents! Do you live in Blackpool, Birmingham, Herefordshire, Cambridgeshire, Doncaster, Rochdale, Isle of Wight or Calderdale? Did you know that your local councils child protection has been deemed INADEQUATE (does not meet bare minimum requirements) following Ofsted inspections in the last 6 months? This means that there are children IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, who are […]

Happy birthday to the Sex Education Forum – congratulations and well done for 25 years of service. I was there at the beginning of the Forum and hope we finally succeed to secure SRE for all of our children and young people before I die. Mum was a family planner who made sure I knew…

Can’t Talk, Won’t Talk – The Price Of Silence

Can’t Talk, Won’t Talk – The Price Of Silence

URGENT!!! 1 HOUR LEFT, 2,700 SIGNATURES NEEDED – PLEASE, PLEASE HELP!   PLEASE spare literally 30 seconds to SIGN and SHARE this PETITION. Under 2,700 signatures left until the petition reaches the threshold of 25,000 signatures – THEN THE PRESIDENT WILL LOOK AT ALISSA’S CASE. FACTS: –> Baby Alissa died whilst in the care of Chrissy Shaffer –> Baby Alissa had many horrific injuries, old […]

Jimmy Savile Reports Published

The joint report by the Met and the NSPCC into the sexual abuse of children by Jimmy Savile following Operation Yewtree has concluded that Savile abused hundereds of children, some as young as 8 years old, over 6 decades. Another report by the Crown Prosecution Services concluded 3 chances to prosecute the prolific child abuser were […]

2013: For Children

A New Year gets you thinking, doesn’t it? How can we make 2013 THE year for children of the world? What can we do in 2013 to make a safer world for children everywhere? To ensure ALL children live lives full of love, free from fear and threats of all kinds? How can we make […]

Mother, Father, Teacher

Invisible Wounds

Who’s In Your House?

  Who’s watching your children? Advice for parents