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On Topic: The Spanking Ban Debate

When it comes to rearing children, no debate is more contentious — or longer running — than the dispute over spanking. Is spanking ever O.K? Should there be a ban? Is spanking child abuse? Recently, i posted an note about spanking, hoping to start a discussion about the pros and cons of a spanking ban. […]

On Topic: Child Sex Exploitation ~ Child Trafficking

There is an absolute wealth of information on child trafficking from the avaliable here.

On Topic: Horror of Child Sex Abuse UK

Archive:2011 Barnardos case study report reveals horror of child sex abuse.

On Topic This Week: Child Sex Exploitation UK

Every week I will bring you a ‘featured topic‘. This could be anything related to child abuse issues. This weeks featured topic is ‘Child Sex Gangs UK’, chosen for 3 main reasons: It is a subject that is often avoided because people find it distasteful or difficult to talk about (the worst thing that could happen – the first […]