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No Child Should Ever Need To Ask To Be Loved

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Tamryn Klapheke, 22 Moths Old, Murdered By Mother, CPS CLOSE CASE 6 DAYS BEFORE DEATH DESPITE NO VISIT IN 11 MONTHS and Tamper With Evidence

RIP Beautiful Angel Tamryn ♥ TEXAS: Tamryn Klapheke was only 22 months old when she was found dead in her urine soaked crib, weighing just 17.5lbs (not that much more than a new born). Her ‘mother’, Tiffany Klapheke, is accused of leaving Tamryn to die in her soiled b ed sheets at their home on […]

The Be Sure, BEFORE Campaign

LOVE TAKES ACTION – Get Involved! Quick Links: The Be Sure Before Campaign Advice For Parents Sign The Petition! Send A Quick Email To Your MP WE NEED 648 VOLUNTEERS!! Can you help? We only need a moment of your time.  MPs are much more likely to take seriously and reply to messages from their […]

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We are 3 facebook members away from The Big 3-0-0-0! We stand together against child abuse. Join us! :)  

Victoria Climbie <3

Never Forgotten: Victoria Climbie ~ 2nd November 1991 – 25th February 2000 Victoria meets Kouao Victoria Adjo Climbié was born near Abidjan in the Ivory Coast on 2 November 1991. She was the fifth of seven children and, according to her parents, she had a healthy and happy early childhood. She started school at the age of six […]

Listen Up Ireland!

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Your child protection system is FAILING your vulnerable children, who are suffering and often pay the ultimate price.

In the recent past 196 children known to the state have been murdered.

You can find details on how to contact your representative here.

TAKE ACTION to help promote change in your community. 

Children are depending on you.