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Letter To David Cameron From Tom Watson – PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION

CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION IN SUPPORT OF A FULL, OPEN AND TRANSPARENT INVESTIGATION AS OUTLINED BY MR TOM WATSON, MP, IN THIS LETTER TO DAVID CAMERON.  SHARE! Thank you :) Dear Mr Cameron, Congratulations on ordering a review of what information government departments may hold about organised child abuse at the heart of […]

Please Join Us And Demand An Investigation Into Evidence Of A Powerful Paedophile Network With Links To Parliament

Send this MESSAGE to David Cameron and YOUR MP, via this link in a couple of clicks. SIGN and share this PETITION. In the NEWS SHATTER THE SILENCE. Thank you <3

Shatter The Silence

The National Association of People Abused in Childhood (napac) is to run a press and poster ad campaign referencing the Jimmy Saville revelations, to encourage people to speak up if they suspect abuse. If you are a survivor thinking about reporting the crimes against you, no matter how long ago they were committed, or if […]

Child Sexual Abuse: Hell Is Empty And The Devils Are Here

Tens of millions of child abuse pictures have been seized in the past two years. The NSPCC, the leading child protection charity, has found that five police forces out of the UK’s 43 have unearthed 26 million depraved images in that time. The staggering numbers reveal the explosion of explicit sexual pictures of children shared over […]