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Online Safety For Kids

Help For Parents/Caregivers: Keeping Kids Safe Online

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Letter To David Cameron From Tom Watson – PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION

CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION IN SUPPORT OF A FULL, OPEN AND TRANSPARENT INVESTIGATION AS OUTLINED BY MR TOM WATSON, MP, IN THIS LETTER TO DAVID CAMERON.¬† SHARE! Thank you :) Dear Mr Cameron, Congratulations on ordering a review of what information government departments may hold about organised child abuse at the heart of […]

It’s YOUR Responsibility

Stop It Now: Child Sexual Abuse Is Preventable

Together we can prevent child sexual abuse! The Parents Protect Campaign ran by The Lucy Faithfull Foundation, aims to empower parents with information about sexual abuse, so that YOU can be better armed to protect your kids. Its brilliant! They also run a confidential helpline, if you need any kind of help or information relating […]

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We are 3 facebook members away from The Big 3-0-0-0! We stand together against child abuse. Join us! :)  

Picture Of A Mother Helping To Rape Her Daughter

Picture Of A Mother Helping To Rape Her Daughter

If you remain neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor – Desmond Tutu

Child Sexual Abuse: A Public Health Problem

Child Sexual Abuse: A Public Health Problem

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now consider child sexual abuse a public health problem. According to the adverse childhood experiences data, from 17,000 Kaiser Permanente enrollees, one in four girls and one in six boys are sexually abused”