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USA Family Courts: There Must Be A Better Way?

  This 2 part article is long, but if you live in the USA and you care about children, especially if you have them, you should read it, and pass it to your friends. What if it was your child? One day, God forbid, it could be. A system that is at worst corrupt and […]

Tamryn Klapheke, 22 Moths Old, Murdered By Mother, CPS CLOSE CASE 6 DAYS BEFORE DEATH DESPITE NO VISIT IN 11 MONTHS and Tamper With Evidence

RIP Beautiful Angel Tamryn ♥ TEXAS: Tamryn Klapheke was only 22 months old when she was found dead in her urine soaked crib, weighing just 17.5lbs (not that much more than a new born). Her ‘mother’, Tiffany Klapheke, is accused of leaving Tamryn to die in her soiled b ed sheets at their home on […]

Halloween Safety Tips For Kids

Make sure younger children (13 and under) are ALWAYS accompanied by a responsible adult when trick or treating. Find out where and when older (14+)  children are trick or treating, who with and when they are expected back home. Ask them for a map of the route they intend to follow. Make sure older children have charged and credit-loaded mobile phones on […]