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No child to live in fear, no child to feel lost and hungry, unloved and cold. Every child to be cared for, sheltered, nurtured, protected, educated, safe, No child excluded.

Take ACTION against child abuse.

Please support our Change4Children campaigns, there are 5 specific campaigns, all designed to protect and support the rights of the most vulnerable children. ALL DESPERATELY NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

There are petitions and pre-written messages for each campaign to send to your representatives on behalf of children, who are unable to speak up themselves.

Thank you for your support <3

TOGETHER, we WILL make a difference.


Action Against Abuse has 6 Change4Children (C4C) campaigns, all in need of YOUR SUPPORT:

  1. Investigate Evidence of A Powerful Network Of Paedophiles With Links To ParliamentDuring Prime Ministers Question Time On 24th October 2012, Tom Watson MP suggested that evidence of a paedophile ring with connections to parliament and possibly a former Prime Minister came to light during the conviction of Peter Righton in 1992, and was covered-up by the establishment and the police, who failed to investigate further. DEMAND an investigation: support this campaign! SIGN THE PETITION!
  2. Who’s Watching Your Children? Be Sure, Before Campaign – Asks the government to address the ‘stranger danger’ myth and to make it more difficult for child abusers to prey on children by duping their families, via 3 umbrella interventions: 1) AWARENESS. Empower parents AND children through raised awareness – more accurate and complete information for parents, and a sensitive, age appropriate abuse awareness program in schools, starting in reception and periodically re-visited throughout education. 2) Specific improvements to the child protection system, including improving the publication process of SCR’s, tackling ‘disguised compliance’ and much more and 3) Research into child abuse and family dynamics. SIGN THE PETITION!
  3. Justice For The Children Of Scotland Campaign – To close the legal loophole that enables child abusers in Scotland to escape justice. Abusers are able to walk free after literally torturing children and inflicting untold suffering because present Scottish law is inadequate. Click here to SIGN THE PETITION.
  4. Ireland’s Invisible Children Campaign – To reform Ireland’s child protection system following a recent report (and other previous ones) that confirms the system is inadequate and failing vulnerable children. 112 out of 196 child deaths of children under state provision in the last 10 years could have been prevented. Click here to SIGN THE PETITION.
  5. Amazon Should Not Profit From Child Sex Exploitation – Amazon have recently removed 1 bool that encouraged the secual exploitation of children, following a campaign by Love146. The same author still has similar books for sale on the site, and there are many others. These books must be removed and Amazon must review its safeguarding policy. SIGN THE PETITION.
  6. Baby P- 5 Years On: I Still Care Campaign This campaign follows our 2009 Master Letter campaign. In the aftermath of the murder of Baby Peter Connelly, the government promised that lessons had been learned, yet between 1-4 children still die every week as a result of abuse in the UK. 5 years on, we must remind the government that we are still watching very closely to ensure the commitment to change made back then is real and enduring.

The Campaigns include:

  • A pre-written message to send to YOUR representative, including details of how to contact them (click on the Campaign links above)
  • petition to sign urging relevant authorities to take action.
Please spare only a couple of minutes to support the C4C campaigns, on behalf of children who are utterly powerless and unable to defend themselves.

‘If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito’ – The Dalai Lama

We are so grateful for every single action YOU take to make life better for the worlds most needy children <3
Thank you :) <3

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