For Parents/Caregivers

Who’s Watching Your Child? Be Sure, Before: Advice For Parents 

  • What should a carer/babysitter know before caring for a child?
  • How can you recognize an unsafe care-giver/baby-sitter?
  • Are there signs of abuse or high-risk of abuse and how do i spot them?
  • What is ‘grooming’ and what are the signs?
  • How can i better protect my children and empower them to make ”safe’ decisions?
  • What do i do if a child tells me about abusive behavior?
  • Where can i get further help and information?

Build Them Up: Self-Esteem and children

  • What is ‘Self-esteem’?
  • Why is self-esteem so important?
  • How can i build solid foundations for a positive self-image in my children?
  • Are there signs of low self-esteem and how do i spot them?
  • Where can i get further help and information?

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

  • 13 Internet safety tips for families
  • Step-By-Step: Staying Safe on ALL Devices
  • Info on parental controls, ad-blocking, social networking etc
  • Further links and informaton

The Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme UK

  • Did you know that across 43 police forces in the UK, the child sex offender disclosure scheme allows parents, carers and guardians to formally ask the police to tell them if someone has a record for child sexual offenses? Go here for help if you are concerned about someone involved in your child’s life.

Halloween: Safety Tips For Kids

  • What are the extra-risks at Halloween?
  • How can i keep my kids safe when trick-or-treating?

Parenting Is Hard: Coping With Stress

  • 11 Tips for the tough times
  • 52 Proven stress busters
  •  Coping with a crying baby
  •  Never shake a baby – Shaken Baby Syndrome Myths And Facts
  •  Further Information, Help and Support

18 Ways To Encourage Better Behavior

  • Why do children misbehave?
  • How can i encourage better behavior in my child?
  • Further Information, Help and Support

Bonfire Night Safety Tips

  • With a bit of planning and common sense, you can ensure Bonfire Night memories stay with your family for all the right reasons. Tips for staying safe on November 5th.

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