Grooming – Need To Know

Becoming knowledgeable of the “Grooming Process” and recognizing the danger signs of “grooming” are the first steps in arming yourself with the information needed to reassure yourself and protect your child from sexual predators. For more information go here

What is “Grooming”?

  • A process of identifying and engaging a child in sexual activity.
  • It involves an imbalance of power and elements of coercion and manipulation.
  • It involves motivation and intent to sexually exploit the child.

Who is targeted? 

Predators typically target children with obvious vulnerabilities, but may target any child:

  • Unpopular
  • Feels unloved
  • Seeking attention and friendship
  • Low self-esteem and lack of confidence
  • Isolated from peers
  • Spends time alone
  • Often unsupervised
  • Experiencing family problems
  • Looked-after children and children in care.

How are victims approached by predators?

  • Typically presents self positively to child.
  • Exhibits interest in the child.
  • Is complimentary.
  • Learns child’s habits, likes, dislikes.
  • Pretends to share common interest, backgrounds, experiences, etc.
  • Often approached online in chat-rooms or on social networking sites (facebook, twitter etc) as well as in ‘real life’.


What is the purpose of grooming?

  • The perpetrators goal is to MAKE A VICTIM by increasing access to the victim and decreasing the likelihood of their intent being discovered by others, including the victim.
  • The perpetrators goal is also to make the potential victim feel comfortable enough to be close with the offender, to be alone with the offender, and to keep the sexual behavior a secret.

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