Online Petitions: 2012

the only thing neccesary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ~ Edmund Burke

I really believe it is true; if every good person in this world stood up for what they believe is right, instead of leaving it to someone else, or dismissing the idea because they believe their voice doesn’t matter, then we really could be capable of great things, and we really would live in a safer, kinder, better world. Isn’t that what we all want to leave to our children?

That is why i sign all the petitions i can that represent my world view, even at times when i feel disillusioned with it all, ESPECIALLY at those times, actually. Because i refuse to believe that change is not possible, if we all work at it, if we all want it, if we all DEMAND it. 

Eventually, we will be so loud, the leaders of the world will have to listen.

And i can think of nothing that is more worth standing up for than the rights of innocent and defenseless children, all over the world.

No child should live in fear of death, injury, physical or emotional abuse, starvation, slavery, sexual exploitation or neglect. ALL children should be loved, sheltered, nurtured. Everywhere.

It takes a couple of seconds to add your name, your voice. If enough people are prepared to take the smallest steps, it really is possible for us to improve the lives of children all over the world.

Please sign and share these petitions below, and please let us know of any more: – The Childrens Societys’ campaign to create a supportive network to make runaways safe. Great idea, please sign and tell the government!

– Save the children – Urge world leaders to take action to end preventable child deaths. – Petition to urge world leaders to take action to save the lives of children in Syria. – Petition to review cases where perpertrators of sexual abuse may have been protected, and to offer appropriate support for victims in Tarrent County. – Equal rights for both parents after relationship breakdown. – Preventing child abuse – USA – Petition to make faliure to report child abuse a criminal offense in all states – USA – Improve efforts to erradicate child abuse – Global – Petition to introduce a mandatory life sentence for child abusers. NOTE: This petition also asks for there to be special powers to hold a prisoner after their sentence and other special powers, which for some, may be a human rights infringement and thus not everyone will want to sign this). – Mandatory sentences (10 years for abusers, 25 years for abusers causing death) and better background checks for childcare providers. – Tougher sentences for abusers. – Make the prevention of child abuse a high political priority.  – Fair and Square, Childrens Society Campaign, Free School Meals For All Children Who Need Them – Tougher sentences for abusers. – End child poverty – USA – Toris Law – Legislate against child abuse – Nigeria

THANK YOU for your support :)

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