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Invisible Wounds


Who’s In Your House?

  Who’s watching your children? Advice for parents

We Call It Discipline?

Child Sex Exploitation Emergency: In Just Over A Year, 2,409 Children Were Sexually Exploited By Gangs and Groups Across England

Over the past year, the Office of the Children’s Commissioner has sought to uncover the scale of the sexual exploitation of children by gangs and groups across England. Each child we have spoken to as part of this work has had his or her own particular story. Many have been left with physical injuries and […]

Online Safety For Kids

Help For Parents/Caregivers: Keeping Kids Safe Online

Operation Christmas Child – 3 Days Left!

Only 3 days left to get your shoebox together and make a difference in the life of a disadvantaged child with Operation Christmas Child UK! Click HERE for more information!

Originally posted on Health & Family:
An investigation reveals extensive child abuse in youth programs in Florida. They’re advertised as “boarding schools” or “Christian” children’s homes in Florida, but a yearlong investigation published in the Tampa Bay Times reveals lax oversight on dozens of youth programs, some of which had been shut down for abuse…

No Child Should Ever Need To Ask To Be Loved

Originally posted on Health & Family:
Childhood trauma has long been known to raise a child’s odds of developing depression and addiction later on. Now, a small but intriguing new study links these risks to specific changes in the brain, finding that disruptions in certain neural networks are associated with increased chances of substance use…

They Learn What They Live