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You Are Not Ugly

You Are Not Ugly

The Power Of Positivity!

The Power Of Positivity!

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On Topic: The Spanking Ban Debate

When it comes to rearing children, no debate is more contentious — or longer running — than the dispute over spanking. Is spanking ever O.K? Should there be a ban? Is spanking child abuse? Recently, i posted an note about spanking, hoping to start a discussion about the pros and cons of a spanking ban. […]

Originally posted on Team Kilah!:
At the Davenport family’s request, below is an explanation of Kilah’s Law so you can fully understand it: “Kiliahs Law” ( for child abusers) will raise the sentencing guidelines for any one who causes permanent debilitating physical injury to a child. Under current law the sentence is classified as a…

Baby Peter Connelly (Baby P) <3

Peter <3 – Never Forgotten  Beautiful Baby Peter Connelly was born on Wednesday 1 March 2006, a healthy 7lb 1oz. 17 months later on Friday 3 August 2007, having suffered months of horrific physical and emotional abuse and neglect at the hands of his mother, Tracey Connelly nee Cox, her boyfriend Stephen Barker and his brother Jason […]

Victoria Climbie <3

Never Forgotten: Victoria Climbie ~ 2nd November 1991 – 25th February 2000 Victoria meets Kouao Victoria Adjo Climbié was born near Abidjan in the Ivory Coast on 2 November 1991. She was the fifth of seven children and, according to her parents, she had a healthy and happy early childhood. She started school at the age of six […]

Juliette Serenity Geurts <3

This is the story of Juliette Serenity Geurts, who was 2 years old when she was killed by trauma caused by blows to the head. It has been 4 years since her death and still no arrests, despite her mother, her mothers boyfriend and their friend all being in the house at the time these injuries were […]

Picture Of A Mother Helping To Rape Her Daughter

Picture Of A Mother Helping To Rape Her Daughter

If you remain neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor – Desmond Tutu