Playing In Heaven – In Loving Memory

The beautiful and innocent children who deserved nothing but love yet knew pain, suffering, lonliness and agony in their preciously short lives.

Never Forgotten

You are the reason we do this. We will protect other children in your memory. WE LOVE YOU. You will NEVER be forgotten.

Playing In Heaven…In Loving Memory…

Baby Peter Connelly ~ 1st March 2006 – 17th August 2007

Victoria Climbie ~  2nd November 1991 – 25th February 2000

Juliette Serenity Guerts ~ 11th February 2001 – 7th November 2008

Laura Wilson

Ruby Spink

Baby Jack

Devin Parsons

Chloe Thomas

Lauren Wright

Alfie Goddard

Ethan Hopson

Brandon Muir


Lauren Creed

Breanna Loveless

Rhys Biggs

Baby Brianna Lopez

Perrin Barlow

Jasmine Galyer

Demi-Leigh Mahon

Kelsey Briggs

Amy Howson

Tiffany Wright

Kamilah Peniston

Deraye Lewis

Carla Bone

Balthous Galtricia

Ajit Singh

Sean Denton

Melissa Strickson

Brandon Davis

Khyra Ishaq

Toni-Ann Byfield

John Smith

Lois Lazenby


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