Campaign For Change

Invariably, when a new law is implemented or a system is modified to benefit children, it is because of the tireless campaigning of ordinary people like YOU!

There are many campaigns for change that need the support of each and every individual who is prepared to stand up on behalf of children. 

Don’t leave it to someone else. Every single person is invaluable, YOU are NEEDED, your opinion is important. Things will not change until we demand it.

Please spare just a moment to add your voice to those already  speaking out on behalf of children, who are unable to speak-up for themselves, via the links below (click on the titles – they are links). All of the major organizations have a newsletter that you can sign up for too, and be informed about new campaigns as and when they are launched.


THANK YOU for your support :)

‘The ocean is only droplets of water that have come together’ 


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  1. Race Against Hunger – 300 children die every hour because of malnutrition. Join the campaign to end this GLOBAL scandal.
  2. A Living Wage – Campaigning for employees to get a living wage (as opposed to a ‘minimum’ wage’) so their children don’t miss out on essentials. Many organisations across the UK have already pledged a living wage thanks to this campaign.
  3. Affordable Childcare Campaign – To help make work pay, the government needs to continue to support parents back into work and help them further with their childcare costs. Save The Children are calling on Chancellor George Osborne to boost support so that low to middle income earners can claim 80% of their childcare costs and make good on the government’s promise to make work pay
  4. Every One Campaign No child should be born to die. And no mother should die giving birth. Yet every year millions do. Save the Children is campaigning to end this injustice. Every child to have a 5th birthday.


Action for children regularly update their campaigns, so sign up for the newsletter via the link above. Recent campaigns have had great success thanks to people like YOU, such as the Child Neglect 2011Growing Strong (an amazing campaign raising awareness about the importance of emotional well-being for children), On Our Own 2 Feet(helping care-leavers thrive) and The Red Book (holding governments accountable – ongoing).


  1. The All Babies Count campaign highlights the vulnerability of babies and calling for better and earlier support for new parents.
  2. The Keep Children Safe Online Campaign – The Government has opened a public consultation about the best way to protect children from harmful content online (eg. explicit adult content and self-harm websites). The NSPCC need as many parents as possible to take action and respond to the questionnaire by the 6 September deadline to ensure your views are heard and more is done to keep children safe.


  1. Make Run-Aways Safe – Every five minutes a child runs away from home or care in the UK. Shockingly, a quarter of those young people – 70 a day – are forced out of their homes by parents or carers. More than 100,000 children run away over night each year. They often take great risks on the streets. Many will be harmed or abused while they’re away from home. This campaign urges all councils to sign The RunAways Charter, and make run-aways safe.
  2. End Child Poverty – An estimated 3.8 million children – one in three – are currently living in poverty in the UK. This is one of the highest rates in the industrialised world. It is a shocking figure, given the overall wealth of our nation. Support this campaign and urge your MP to end child poverty.
  3. The Fair And Square Campaign –  Over two million UK school children live in poverty, yet more than half of them are missing out on free school meals – and 700,000 are not entitled to free school meals at all. This campaign calls for free school meals for all children living in poverty.


  1. The Cut Them Free Campaign – Thousands of children were exploited for sex in the UK last year. Not enough is being done in our communities to protect children at risk. This campaign pushes government officials to do more. You cannot sign anything at the moment, but updates should be coming soon.
  2. The Kids Inside Campaign calls on the Government to consider raising the age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 12 and urges them to spend money more wisely on effective ways to stop youth crime.




  1. Change4Children Campaigns(C4C) – Our Justice For Child Abuse Victims In Scotland calls to close a legal loophole that allows abusers in Scotland to escape justice
  2. C4C – Irelands Invisible Children Campaign – We are calling on Ireland’s Legislative Assembly to commit to real reform of an unfit-for-purpose child protection system, that has repeatedly failed children.
  3. C4C – 5 Years On: I Still Care Campaign follows up our 2009 Master Letter campaign. In the aftermath of the murder of Baby Peter Connelly, the government promised that lessons had been learned, yet between 1-4 children still die every week as a result of abuse in the UK. 5 years on, we must remind the government that we are still watching very closely to ensure the commitment to change made back then is real and enduring.
  4. C4C – Amazon Should Not Profit From Child Sex Exploitation – Amazon have recently removed 1 bool that encouraged the sexual exploitation of children, following a campaign by Love146. The same author still has similar books for sale on the site, and there are many others. These books must be removed and Amazon must review its safeguarding policy.
  5. C4C – Who’s Watching Your Children? The Be Sure Before Campaign asks the government to address the ‘stranger danger’ myth, and to take steps to make it harder for abusers to prey on children through their families via 3 umbrella interventions; 1) AWARENESS. Empower parents AND children through raised awareness – more accurate and complete information for parents, and a sensitive, age appropriate abuse awareness program in schools, starting in reception and periodically re-visited throughout education. 2) Specific changes to the child protection system, including improving the publication process of SCR’s, tackling ‘disguised compliance’ and much more and 3) Research into child abuse and family dynamics.
  6. C4C- David Cameron – Fully, completely and transparently investigate claims of a powerful pedophile network with links to parliament, with sincere commitment to truth and justice.


 Every Child Matters Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan organization working to make public investments in children, youth, and families a national political priority.


Every Child campaign for the right of children to become a national priority.



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