USA Family Courts: There Must Be A Better Way?



This 2 part article is long, but if you live in the USA and you care about children, especially if you have them, you should read it, and pass it to your friends.

What if it was your child? One day, God forbid, it could be.

A system that is at worst corrupt and at best fatally flawed, is tearing families apart, leaving children at significant risk of harm, and bankrupting families for the privilege. 

We must stand together and fight for children – affected, and unaffected. 

There must be a better way than this.

Some Guardian Ad Litem’s favor abusive and unnecessary billing over what is best for the child.

U.S. FAMILY COURTS SACRIFICING MOTHERS & CHILDRENFamily Courts Behind an Epidemic of Pedophilia & Judicial Abuse

A RECORD OF U.S. FAMILY COURTS SACRIFICING MOTHERS & CHILDREN: Over 75 family court cases in Connecticut where children’s safety and well being has been jeopardized by unethical and even illegal activities of court professionals who routinely target, extort and exploit Connecticut mothers.

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