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Power To The People – New Child Abuse Legislation Introduced

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Mead Today, I am very happy, and proud of all the work each and every person who is or has been part of this movement has contributed in the past 5 years. Especially […]

On Topic: Child Grooming

On Topic: Child Grooming

On Topic: Child Sex Exploitation ~ Child Trafficking

There is an absolute wealth of information on child trafficking from the avaliable here.

Recycle And Raise Money For The NSPCC – No Cost To You!

Do you have old ink cartridges or mobiles that need recycling? At NO COST to yourself, you can post them to the Recycling Factory, who will donate to the NSPCC for every recycled item. They will even send you free post envelopes! :D Thereceives up to £4.50 for every recyclable inkjet and toner cartridge and up […]

On Topic: Stop Sex Trafficking

From My Dangerous Loverboy Campaign.

On Topic: Horror of Child Sex Abuse UK

Archive:2011 Barnardos case study report reveals horror of child sex abuse.

On Topic This Week: Child Sex Exploitation UK

Every week I will bring you a ‘featured topic‘. This could be anything related to child abuse issues. This weeks featured topic is ‘Child Sex Gangs UK’, chosen for 3 main reasons: It is a subject that is often avoided because people find it distasteful or difficult to talk about (the worst thing that could happen – the first […]

Step-By-Step Guide: Protecting Kids Online

The internet is a wonderful tool, that enables us all to connect, share, learn and discover.  It would be a terrible shame if our children were unable to utilise such a great tool just because of the threat from a shameful minority. But there are ways to keep your kids safe, and here they are […]

Why Judicial Reform (UK) Is Not A Primary Campaign Focus

When a child is abused or murdered, it is paramount that justice prevails and the perpetrators are apprehended, for a number of reasons: Primarily, to protect other children from harm and create a safer society. To send a message to the perpetrator and others: this behaviour is wrong and will not be tolerated. To provide some kind of resolve or ‘closure’ for the survivor […]

Darkness To Light: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Darkness To Light: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse