The Message

If you remain neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor – Desmond Tutu

1-4 children die every 10 days (UK) as a direct result of child abuse and neglect. 

Many more suffer pain, neglect, torture, humiliation, hunger, sexual attacks, physical beatings and emotional assaults in their own homes; the one place where they should always feel safe. You would never allow it to happen to your child. How can you do nothing when you know it’s happening to someone elses?

Action Against Abuse: Just ordinary people from around the world, prepared to stand up and take action against child abuse.


Awareness – ACTION – Change


No child to live in fear, no child to feel lost and hungry, unloved and cold. Every child to be cared for, sheltered, nurtured, protected, educated, safe, No child excluded.

What have you done today, to create a better world for children?

Take ACTION against child abuse.

Click Here To Support Our Campaigns

TOGETHER, we WILL make a difference.

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